Sugar cookie school

Becoming a mom has led me to acquire many new skills. Diaper changing. Toddler hairstyling. Using a public restroom stall, including undoing and redoing my belt, with only one hand because I’m holding my baby daughter in the other. Yes, there are many things to be learned in the mom-a-verse.


Sugar cookie creation is definitely not necessary, it’s more a minor than a major, but a course I want to take nevertheless. I want perfect cookies, holding the exact shape of the original cutter, evenly golden-brown but not too golden brown, soft and delicious. And so I practice.


I’ve never cared for sugar cookies except as a medium for icing and sprinkles, by the way. So let me amend the previous paragraph: I want perfect cookies holding the exact shape of the original cutter so that my daughter can smear frosting and dump sprinkles all over them and feel happy in her heart.


There’s no reason the cookies have to be perfect, for her to do that. So it’s really about me. I want to know if Martha is telling the truth or if the “cookies” in her magazines are really play-doh.


Anyhow, these cookies are made with this recipe, which is really a shortbread. They held their shape well. The only flaws in shape and color are 100% user error. The taste? Hmm, I don’t know. How does a really good sugar cookie taste? Are there good ones and bad ones?


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