Garden planning

Let’s you and me sit down with this Johnny’s seed catalogue and I’ll show you what we’re planning for our garden this year.

On New Year’s Day, neither Sparks nor I felt inspired about the vegetable garden. Then we had the idea. Last year, Mimi liked nothing better than to spend time in the garden with Sparks nibbling on tomatoes and lettuce and okra pods (no, really). So the inspiration for this year’s garden is to have lots of things that she can pull off the plant and eat right away. We can send her out there in the evenings and let her happily acquire her own veg allowance for the day, then go inside and have peaceful, or at least more peaceful, dinners together. Neat eh?



We can’t resist tiny round carrots, so we’re going to try something like this. A quick rinse under the garden hose and they’ll be ready to go.


And some fun colored carrots, too.


We’ve had rotten luck with cucumbers, but we’re going to try this tender variety.


And some sugar snap peas, in hopes the spring weather cooperates. This variety doesn’t even need to have the strings pulled before she can eat them.


Here are the tiny sweet peppers I bought in the store last week, hooray! They even sell a mix of all three colors.


And my favorite early standby, Easter Egg radishes


Sparks isn’t impressed with cherry and grape tomatoes we’ve grown in the past, but I’m trying to convince him to try a small yellow like this


And Juliet, the best tiny tomato ever. They’re like Romas, with excellent flavor, but just the right size for tiny hands and mouths.

We will grow other things too–our usual Bright Lights chard, a salad mix, bell peppers, black eggplant, Sweet Tangerine tomatoes as well as some kind of beefsteak tomato. Oh, and peanuts. We’re thinking it would be fun to grow peanuts.

What do you think?


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