In my age and wisdom, my New Year’s resolutions have become smart-alecky. Last year’s was to never again watch an old, foreign, or cerebral movie just because I felt I “should”. I’ve been there, done that, and proved myself in the watching-painful-movies category of life.

This year my snarky resolution is to never again drink homebrew if I don’t want to. HA!

But the real resolution is to shake up our eating habits for the better.


We’ve been in the same food groove as a household since the winter I was pregnant with Mimi. That’s the winter we began buying big loads of single-animal, grass-fed, happy-cow beef. So there’s been a lot of beef. Sparks has an educated preference for the white versions of many carbohydrate staples, so I went with that more often than not. And because I’m the thrifty housewife (or want to be), I started watching prices and that meant certain fruits and vegetables were off the table for most of the year.

The farmer we were sourcing our beef from has stopped raising dairy steers, so that option is off the table for us. We went to the meat locker where those steers were processed and bought hamburger and a few odds and ends, so we still have lots of excellent quality, non-feed-lot, happy-cow beef, but we aren’t getting a half-of-a-half of an animal so there are far fewer steaks and roasts and odd bits. So there is less push to eat beef often.

Sparks and I both want to lose some weight and while back Sparks realized that sugar aggravates his rosacea, so he has declared himself happy to eat brown rice and whole wheat pasta–most of the time. So we’ve settled into a balance on that question.

And lastly, and this is my real resolution, I’m going to stop avoiding certain fruits and vegetables just because they aren’t the cheapest thing on the produce stand. Apples and bananas and grapes are lovely, but it’s even lovelier to enjoy a bag of frozen strawberries or snack on some mini sweet peppers in the winter. So we’re going to start doing it sometimes.


Mimi is going to benefit from this enormously. In the last couple of months her eating has gotten pickier and pickier, and I’m beginning to think that it’s because she’s bored with what I’m offering her. While the vegetables she’ll eat off her high chair tray has dwindled to a frustratingly small number, she’ll gnaw on almost any kind of crudite she sees me eating. And smoothies–oh my smoothies. Here she is gulping down a strawberry one, on a sick day when she hardly wanted anything at all. It was the first time I’d given her a smoothie and the first time I’d let her handle a regular cup. She was in seventh heaven. Many smoothies in the future!

So there. We’ll be trying harder that way. How about you?


4 thoughts on “Resolutionish

  1. Ooh ooh ooh! You guys should try going paleo! I read It Starts With Food and started a Whole30 back in October. I fell off the wagon a couple times during the holidays, but overall I feel amazing (and it is great for kids and people with chronic medical conditions, particularly ones in which your immune system is in overdrive). Migraines are virtually gone, I have more energy and am getting better sleep, and am 9 pounds lighter to boot. Ok, I guess I’m not done being preachy after all. Sorry 😛

  2. PS you’re on my blogroll but I always forget to tell you how FREAKING CUTE your daughter is. She just gets more darling with each post!

  3. I go through periods of time when I’m pretty close, but Mimi and Sparks neeeeed their bread and pasta.

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