Pookie’s Progress

Is it really New Year’s Eve? Is tomorrow really going to be 2013? 2012 was another crazy one for us, that’s for sure. Let me show you how much our little girl has changed this year…


In January, pookie was still a little baby. She could push herself into a sitting position, but she couldn’t stand or walk. Can you believe it?


In February, pookie pulled up to stand for the first time.


In March pookie turned one year old. That seemed SO old then. It seems SO little now.


In April, pookie and I were both down with a No Good Very Bad cold. When we got better and got outside, though, it was beyond lovely.


In May, pookie’s hair began to grow over her eyes. She still wasn’t walking.


In June she learned to walk!


In July we loved summertime, with morning trips to the public pool and afternoon soaks in the kiddie pool.


In August I realized I was going to have to learn the mysteries of baby hair styling.


In September I was still putting it off. By now pookie had increased her tooth count from two at the beginning of the year to sixteen, where she still stands today. There was one week in July in which she cut five teeth. Yikes.


In October, I mastered the “whale spout” hairdo. Pookie moved into size six shoes. She began to love slimy animals like turtles and frogs–in this picture she’s yelling “turtle! turtle!”


In November I mastered the Double Pigtail hairdo. Pookie got tall enough to climb into the kitchen chairs, where she loves to sit and prefers to eat.


And in December, she has been so cute I can hardly stand it. Also, she’s never still enough to get an unblurry photo.

So in short, our little baby turned into a little girl. Like I said, WHAT a year.


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