Notes for next Christmas

Christmas Eve. All is calm, all is bright. My Christmas work is done, all except for the immediate food prep. I am sitting on the sofa toasting my toes by the fire while Mimi naps and Sparks putters in his workshop. It is a lovely quiet day.


A few notes to myself about next Christmas:

1. The tree comes in four sections. The middle two are hard to tell apart. They each have a multi-plug outlet in the middle of them. Daisy chain everything together that way. The lower of the two middle sections is the one with the power cord. Primp the top before you put it on because it will be too high to reach. Put it back in the box from lowest to highest section.

2. Think about making cinnamon dough ornaments. Maybe heart shaped, with layered white icing decorations. Hang them with red ribbons, the kind with white stitching along the edges.

3. Hot glue the gingerbread house together.

4. Buy expensive wrapping paper. It’s easier to handle and worth the expense for the saved frustration.

5. Live greenery?

A very merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and happy winter break to those who don’t. Love, the Parks family.


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