A merry little Christmas

After a slow start, the winter has hit some of us full force, forcing us to do a little holiday plan re-arranging. We just got back from my aunt’s family Christmas, though, and MAN was it bonkers.


She has two children, their spouses, a mother-in-law, combined six grandchildren, a granddaughter’s fiancee, her own mother, her husband, and two other families (including us) who try to come to this annual early Christmas. This year there were 22 stockings.


Four boys stalked each other with Nerf guns, two girls sang Christmas carols, Mimi ran around like a dervish, the young fiances hid in the den, and the combined gifts covered half the living room floor.


We are home now and Mimi is sleeping off the excitement. As things have worked out, she’ll get three Christmases this year so she needs her energy. She is perfecting her paper-ripping skills. I am appreciating the concept of Frustration Free Packaging. If only more toy manufacturers adhered to it.


Among all the gifts to keep track of, I bought myself a little present: these snowflakes. They are available via Anthropologie or ClassicHostess, which sells them on their website and on eBay. There is a set with nine different designs, but I was trying to be humble so I got the set with four. They are lovelier than I had anticipated, with burned edges that make the designs pop.


I foresee more red and more woodtones next Christmas. Will I be right?


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