Waiting for Santa


Wait patiently for a good husband, wait patiently for the house to be remodeled, wait patiently to get pregnant, wait patiently through the pregnancy and patiently through six hours of labor before they finally give you a c-section under general anesthesia… sit up nights with the newborn, try to nurse her, fuss over her bottles and diapers, overcome your shyness and start singing to her constantly even in public, figure out how to help her when she’s sick and how to make her smile when she’s not, and figure out how to manage her on all kinds of road trips to visit relatives… kiss her when she bonks her head, bonks her bottom, smashes her fingers, and bites her tongue… when she tantrums try to hold her, try to distract her, try to sit by and watch her, try to feed her, try to cuddle her, and finally leave her alone in her crib for a minute while you go to your room to cry a little yourself… say goodbye to sleep, food, coffee, showers, and bathroom breaks on your own schedule… read Just For You six times in a row before your morning coffee, kiss her manky chewed-up dollie, figure out where her Bongo monkey has disappeared to this time, track back half a mile on your walk to find the boot she kicked off, and figure out how to remove strained carrot stains from her clothes… learn to find just the right book for her to read while you change her diaper, just the right outfit that you can wrastle onto her before she runs out of patience, just the right nutritious, novel, and toddler-friendly meal to feed her this time around, just the right temperature for her bath water, and just the right thing she’s yelling for before she’ll go to sleep…

And eventually you, too, can have a little pookachoo in ballerina pajamas and pigtails, dancing in front of her huge sparkling Christmas tree waiting for Santa.


100% worth every bit.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for Santa

  1. Oh you made me hold back some tears with this article, so cute and so true. I am doing this for the third time actually. Hold on there it defenitly is worth everything even if you don`t feel like that from time to time, mine are 9y, 6y and 9 month. Best from Germany. S.

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