Christmas decorating

It is December 2, so even though I’m in short sleeves and have the windows open (whaaaaat?) it is time to decorate.


This year we have a new tree. It is nine feet tall. It comes with a lot of lights and its own pinecones. Eeeeeeeeeeeek. It’s 62″ across at the base! I’ve only had slimline trees before, so this takes some getting used to. There sure is a lot of room for presents, though.


To the best of my knowledge Mimi has never seen a tree being decorated. In fact, to the best of my knowledge she hasn’t seen a decorated tree since ours went down early last January. And yet somehow, as soon as I cracked open the first bin of decorations, she knew. She scooped up an armful of garland and threw it on the naked tree, squealing in glee, then prised ornaments out of their boxes (shatterproof ones, thankfully) and tried to stick them on the branches. When that didn’t work, she began placing her dolls and books in the branches. Obviously in this matter, blood runs true.


I didn’t dare put the pink glass ornaments on the tree this year, so it reads more “gold” than “gold and green and pink”, which is fine. We certainly don’t need any more basic filler ornaments; just small additions of personal handmade ones every year will be fine from here on out. And oh my, did I say the tree is BIG? It is REALLY REALLY BIG.


I hung groups of special ornaments close to each other. All the animals are by each other, and all of my teaset ornaments, and all of the dioramas, and all of the photo blocks.


A note about the photo block ornaments which is also pertinent to the photo puzzles, by the way. Over the course of a year, Mod Podge will stick to anything it’s next to. My ornaments actually pulled a little paper off the inside of the boxes they were in. Eek!


Here is a picture that suggests just how big the tree is. It’s big. I didn’t primp the top section before I plugged it in, and now I don’t know if it will ever get primped this year.


The village is on the mantelpiece. The tinsel trees are on their tables. The garland is hung. Mimi is gratifyingly enchanted. I am SO glad I have a little girl who loves Christmas every bit as much as I do.


Mimi says “Christmas cookies go right here, mom!”


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