Gingerbread house in the woods

I had forgotten how good a gingerbread house smells. Spicy gingerbread, sharp-sweet icing, acerbic peppermint, and warm gooey chocolate.


This was the only Christmas project that I didn’t have penciled in on my calendar (and I am inflexible about things once they’re on my calendar) and that couldn’t be done “too early”, so yesterday Mimi and I piled in the car and bought gingerbread house trimmings. We ran into my mother-in-law at the grocery store, which was odd because she lives three hours away… but anyhow…


I am now the bearer of The Gingerbread House Mold. It’s cast iron and has the pieces for a cabin on one side and a church on the other. My mother bought it way back in the misty mists of memory–probably around 1990. Now that I have a little girl, it’s mine.


I decided to use the church side because the windows and doors are more interesting. I baked the pieces last night using this recipe, which was a gem. It creates very hard, sturdy gingerbread pieces and because it doesn’t have eggs, you can eat the scraps of dough without worries.


I confess that I assembled and decorated the house this morning, while Mimi is at daycare. I couldn’t see her being very captivated by the process at her age, and I definitely couldn’t envision forbidding her to eat icing (because it has raw egg whites). So here it is.


It is sitting on a Walnut Hollow size large basswood plank, available from Amazon. I rubbed the plank with butcher block conditioner a couple of times, but it’s still pretty porous and not intended for food use so I put foil down under the cabin and its “forest floor” of waffle cookies.


The peppermint sticks are the old fashioned kind, which are softer than candy canes. I was able to trim them using my big butcher knife.


Schleich forest animals cavort around the house… call them a Christmas present to myself, though I assume Mimi will claim them for her own after Christmas. I just couldn’t resist.


Nothing is lacking in this gingerbread house display except my own skill in assembling and decorating it. That leaves much to be desired, I think. Oh well… live and learn. I will do some research before next year. In the mean time, I don’t think Mimi will be much of a critic 😉


I made the table runner and still can’t decide if this fabric is cool or awful. Possibly it’s both.

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