The breather week

Such an early Thanksgiving makes it a no-brainer (for me, anyway) to take a week to breathe and gather my wits about me before the big holiday rush starts. I did it last year, and I’m glad I did. Trying to bake cookies and wrap presents and decorate while caring for a baby who, at that time, took three 45-minute naps a day really made the holiday feel challenging.


This year, though, we have a little girl instead of a baby. She takes one nap that lasts anywhere from one to two and a half hours, and she falls asleep without any help from me. She sleeps through the night. She is completely self-feeding. She still gets underfoot, but at least she’s on her feet instead of on her belly, so she’s easier to spot and avoid bumping into. And she loves to have me in the kitchen, so holiday baking will be a lot of fun. In her high chair drawing with crayons or playing with play-doh, or running free pulling pots and pans out of drawers to play with, when I’m cooking she will try new foods and entertain herself. It’s going to be good!


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