That time of year

Thanksgiving is over. It is officially Christmas season. I can’t bring myself to decorate before it’s properly December though, so it isn’t time to wrap gifts either, and it’s definitely too early to bake cookies. It’s just the right time to start addressing cards, though.


And aren’t the cards just right? There were three or four designs in this line from Target, all more beautiful than the next, but the birch candles were the ones for us.

Thanksgiving for us happens with Sparks’ family. We all descend on the tiny town where his mother grew up, crowd into the tiny house (that somehow has room for up to six double beds, how does that work? I call it The Burrow), have dinner in the church or the community center, and live on leftovers the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately, this year Sparks has a fever that won’t go away and Mimi is still snotty and fussy from her last cold. We made a game-time decision to go down there on Thursday, but came home early on Saturday. We’re home recuperating now.


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