Scandinavian Christmas quilt

Go me, exorcising my Scandinavian Christmas urges without spending money, AND stashbusting at the same time.


I somehow have finished a 60×48 quilt top in three days, with a cranky baby who is not eating or sleeping well. I curated fabrics from my stash, lots of things I had lying around, that I bought saying to myself “this is so unlike me, what will I ever do with this?” Somehow, all those bits go with each other, and voila.


Colors are red and white and taupe. Motifs are stars, snowflakes, mushrooms, faux handwork, and a couple of florals that look Gustavian to me even though I have no idea what Gustavian actually looks like.


I can’t even tell you what lines these fabrics come from. When I’m buying random fat quarters, I don’t pay attenion. They are all old though, probably hard to find.


Statistically, my quilt tops are unlikely to become finished quilts. But I keep eyeing THIS when I think about finishing this one…



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One Response to Scandinavian Christmas quilt

  1. vintagejenta says:

    Gustav III was King of Sweden in the late 18th century, so any kind of 18th century print is probably a good bet! I am in awe of your quilting-while-kid-watching skills.

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