Crocheting thoughts

(Snowflake hexagon block available for free here)


Vintage Jenta and another frequent commenter, Haley Suzanne, have continued the discussion about nostalgia and life in the past in yesterday’s comments. I encourage you to read and share your own thoughts about it.

This morning Amelia is at daycare (wearing a brand new tutu-with-leggings-attached, and dancing in circles) and I am home, mulling over the conversation as I crochet one or two snowflake hexagons in between chores.

While I wouldn’t want to be a pioneer or a farm wife in the past, I think we’ve all dreamt about being rich in the past. A titled lady with a large household to command? A country gentlewoman with five daughters and a lot of social pull in the village? That sure could be fun, for a while. I’m fascinated with the mostly-lost world of Service that kept it all running. Remains of the Day, Gosford Park, Upstairs Downstairs, Downton Abbey, it appears I’m not the only one. As I do my chores this morning, I’m having fun counting my own servants. I have a lot of them.

Housekeeper: my laptop computer
Butler: my husband’s laptop computer
House maids: the vacuum cleaner and furnace
Laundry maids: the washer and dryer
Cook: the stove
Kitchen maids: the microwave, blender, and food processor
Scullery maid: the dishwasher
Driver and grooms: our cars
Footmen: our cell phones (okay, that one’s weak)
Gardeners: the lawnmower, weed wacker, and rototiller
Nurse: the television (snort)

Who have I forgotten? I don’t think we have a still room maid.


One thought on “Crocheting thoughts

  1. I remember when we were still living in our apartment and we didn’t have a dryer. After we washed the bedlinen we had to dry it in the living room, because it was the only place large enough to dry it in. I don’t miss the dampness and the cramped space that caused.

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