In which my mother takes me to THAT store

My parents visited this week. While Amelia napped we left dad at home with her and went shopping. My mother and I like to shop. We are dangerous and reckless when together. And my mother INSTIGATED SHENANIGANS by taking me to a certain craft store I almost never go to, due to poor lighting, narrow aisles, and a dearth of (grumpy) staff. Do you know which store I’m talking about?

And of course they had Stuff that Completed My Holiday and had to come home with me.


LOOK AT THOSE BEADY LITTLE EYES. You couldn’t have left these critters in the store, could you?


The raccoon is my favorite. He just kills me. Cutest. Ornament. Ever.


The bear is Mimi’s favorite. She wants to hold and pet him all the time. I need to put him away before he’s completely destroyed.


And then the tins. Specifically, these reindeer tins. I’ve been storing Christmas cookies in Coca-Cola Santa tins that, no offense if that’s your thing, but just don’t go with anything else I’ve got. I’d never seen better tins… until now. I’ve been drawn toward Scandi motifs for Christmas this year, and these deer are not only crazy-cool, but are done in shades of gold with green and aqua accents, so they actually match my Christmas stuff AND my house.


Here’s a shot of the designs on the sides.


Lastly, we also went to Meijer to buy ingredients for this heavenly sausage and squash lasagna, and we found more red and aqua Scandi-motif mugs. Big ones. The one on the far right is My Mug from Crate and Barrel last year, but the other three are new. And 16oz capacity. And I love them dearly. And they’re mine. Cuz mom bought them for me.



3 thoughts on “In which my mother takes me to THAT store

  1. What an excellent holiday haul! I must have those critters!! Which evil craft store did you find them at? Feel free to e-mail me if you don’t want to publish, but I feel desperate to have that squirrel. Also, hooray – we are in the homestretch for the two best holidays of the year!

  2. I want the deer! He looks so adorably grumpy. I would also like to know which store, because just going to all the craft stores near me could be dangerous.

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