Santa says…



You calm down, Mr. Claus. I’m not putting decorations up. I’m just pinning stuff. And doing crafts. And buying gifts. I ain’t bothering anyone.

I think I said last year that for me, Halloween is an irritating road bump on the way to the real holidays. True dat.

The wind blew all day yesterday. The fall leaves, which had been gorgeous, are mostly gone. The only charm left to fall is there isn’t snow on the ground, so we can still take walks. For a while.

I wish I wasn’t so taken with red and white Scandinavian Christmas stuff when all my gorgeous decorations are gold.

I’m going to put the tree up on a daycare morning–the Monday after Thanksgiving. Mimi will bug out when she comes home and sees it.

She’s going to bug out when we make gingerbread men and linzer cookies and stained glass window cookies.

She’ll bug out over the new Christmas books to read.

She’ll bug out on Christmas morning.

It’s going to be the best Christmas ever. And if I want to start enjoying it now, that’s my prerogative.


2 thoughts on “Santa says…

  1. The past week has been sunny and even warm at times here. I hope Christmas and the dark and cold December days will wait a while.. but I love the images you pinned!

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