The blanket fort

On Tuesday I just wasn’t feeling the whole SAHM-to-a-toddler thing. Our mornings are pretty much programmed and easy to get through, but things can get dicey in the afternoons. At about 3:30 I threw up my hands and pulled a trick out of my bag: I set up the card table and threw a quilt over it. Blanket fort!


The blanket fort has come down and gone back up…


The blanket fort has hosted dolly tea parties…


The blanket fort has acquired a pillow and been the site of many games of night-night…


And the blanket fort has been a place for Mimi to decompress, for real. On Wednesday evening we were all in the media room after dinner, which is usually Mimi’s favorite part of the day. She sang “by-eeee!” and climbed the steps out of it. A couple of minutes later we realized that she wasn’t coming back, and went to search for her. She was curled up in her blanket fort, almost asleep.


3 thoughts on “The blanket fort

  1. Oh Joyce: I did love it, and how you’ll enjoy these for years to come. Nothing like precious granddaughters and daughters. I have just had a few days with my sweet granddaughter Holli, and it has meant the world to me. Thank you for sending, as always.

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