Glittery ornaments

I found a Pinterest craft project that works, everyone! The glittery Christmas balls, with a tutorial here among many other places on the web.


The process is quick and simple. You buy plain Christmas ornaments, the kind so amply available at craft stores between July and December. You coat the inside with Pledge Floor Care (with Future Shine!). You pour in glitter–a tablespoon, I suggest–and you shake. You let dry. You win.


I have some suggestions about glitter choices. First, I can’t think of a more beautiful, more practical, or more long-lasting use for your precious glitter, so use the good stuff. Use superfine glitter. Most importantly, mix more than one glitter. That way you get depth, you get iridescence, and you get to use up odds and ends. I had some plain colors of glitter, and some of the translucent stuff, and some with holographic sparkles. The holographic sparkles really pay off; the translucent stuff creates, no surprise, a semi-translucent ornament so keep that in mind and decide whether it’s what you really want.


This year we bought a nine foot tree. Our huge great room has 16′ ceilings, so we think it was a good choice. I, however, am wondering just how many ornaments can go on that tree… so far I have made twenty of these, and I’d like four more to make an even two dozen.


There is another reason I’m so chuffed about this project. My ornaments are shatterproof plastic. Usually all of the regular Christmas balls are glass, and the only plastic kind available are the clamshell kind, which wouldn’t work well for this project. But this year Hobby Lobby, bless their hearts, have plastic ones available. Big 4″ plastic ones no less, a great scale for our gigantic tree.


So if you’d like to make some glittery shatterproof ornaments for yourself… better buy ’em up quick. I’m coming to YOUR Hobby Lobby and buying them out. Soon.



5 thoughts on “Glittery ornaments

  1. Your ornaments turned out beautifully! I’m happy to hear that this works just as well with the plastic ornaments because I hadn’t tried that yet, but I’ve been wanting to. And thanks so much for the shout out to my project. 🙂

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