Nursery food

I have read the French parenting books, liked them, believed them, practiced them, believed I had success with them, and then faced off with my skinny 18-month-old and her blossoming opinions and seen the light. The category of “nursery food” exists for a reason, I love it, I respect it, and I will offer it to her. Ditto snacks.


She eats many fruits plus green beans, broccoli, and fresh tomatoes. That’s as well as I did as a child. When I hit thirteen my palate magically expanded just because I knew I had to grow up sooner or later. I trust she’ll hit the same point. Until then, I’m going to make sure she gets plenty of what she likes plus tastes of all the exciting stuff we eat. This momma’s sleep is too precious to deal with a toddler who wakes up hungry at 4am. End of story.


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