Dutch colors?

I’ve been drawn to a new color palette in the last six months. It’s all blues and greens with warm neutrals. I even started a quilt out of these fabrics:


Maybe some day I’ll finish it.

Early this morning, as Mimi was starting to peep, I dreamed that we had all moved to Holland. We lived in a cottage in a village. It was small and low-ceilinged, floors and walls and ceiling all painted white, with leaded-glass windows. Sparks drove a tiny blue car to work, leaving me at home with a bicycle. As I looked through the front window a group of children and adults walked by, and one of the adults took the bicycle. I saw other bicycles chained up nearby, and wondered why mine hadn’t been.

The weather was overcast and rainy. I started lighting candles inside to drive off the gloom. Then it began to snow.

I think that dream had the same atmosphere as these quilt fabrics.


One thought on “Dutch colors?

  1. I hope the snow won’t come early this year, we’ve hardly had a summer! 😉 I like the colours, but I’m not sure why they would be labelled Dutch…

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