Sauteed plums

At eighteen months post-baby, life has begun to have a few “normal” moments again. I’ve got my hair and makeup and clothes under control and was surprised and pleased by how put-together I looked in the railway museum post. Sometimes I sew. Sometimes I knit. I’ve even been playing computer games and reading long books (GRRM anyone?) while Mimi naps. I sleep through the night without being disturbed, every night. And one evening recently there were enough leftovers for everyone else to be amply fed without any worrying on my part, but there was no scheduled dinner time, and I felt inspired to sautee some plums, sauce them with honey and cinnamon, and eat them over Greek yogurt. And that was my dinner. Exactly what I wanted, exactly when I wanted it, and everyone else can mind their own business. I used to eat like that all the time.






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