Railway museum

I’ve had such a nice couple of days. Everything seems fun and lovely and nice. Except the part where I started a fire in the oven, but never mind, all’s well that ends well.

Today we went to a nearby railway museum! Sparks had been wanting to go for months, but circumstances kept putting it off… until today everything was just right all at once, and we did it. I’m so glad we did!


The museum has two stations a couple of miles apart and runs trains between them. The cars running today were all made in the first three decades of the twentieth century, and they are so impressive. The locomotive was already humming as we approached the platform. So exciting! We bought tickets, peeked into the parked sleeper car, and then climbed aboard for our ride.


It had been a cool morning and the afternoon was still pleasant, so the ride was a joy.


The second mile of the ride went through a town, with many houses backed right up to the tracks. This little farmstead was picture-perfect, complete with old truck and wash hung out to dry. There were horses, too.


And the other end of the rails we had fifteen minutes to poke around the station. Oh my, I love train stations. In the city where I grew up there was a yarn shop in a historic train station, and it was huge with fireplaces and rocking chairs and tea and a cat and all the things a yarn shop should have. This station was like a littler copy of it, so I liked it very much.


For the ride back we sat in the older of the two passenger cars. This one was built in the 19-teens.


Our conductor looked the part. Everyone who works at the museum does so on a volunteer basis.


I got to hold the tickets. I didn’t lose them.


I also got to hold the baby. I didn’t lose her either.


When we stepped back onto the platform in the 21st century, we drove home and stopped for ice cream. All in all a beautiful Saturday excursion.


There was a very naughty little boy on the train with us who spent the whole return journey doing things to make Mimi laugh. Sparks told her she will never be allowed to date him. I took the opportunity to get some pictures of her smiling… she smiles a lot, it’s just hard to catch on camera.

Three cheers for the railway museum!


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