A morning at the fair

One of my favorite television shows is “Parks and Recreation”. We live in an area with a large park that holds a couple of big events every year, and sometimes I wonder if it would be fun to be on the local department of parks & recreation. So you can imagine that this weekend, when I found out our town was having its very own “River Festival”, we just had to go.


We made it there in time for the parade, which was sparsely attended because, it seemed, most of the town was IN the parade. There were shriners and freemasons, politicians, scout troops, sports teams, the high school’s marching band and the local dojo, even a tree removal service drove their greeeeeeat biiiiiig tree-root-remover in the parade. It was everything it was supposed to be (and wow, the marching band is big.)


Part of the festival was live music, so we camped on the shady, grassy area in front of the stage while we waited for the booths and vendors to get going afterward.


Mimi just loved running around in the grass. Free-ranging in public places is something we’re only beginning to let her get a taste of.


People set up blankets and chairs, and the grassy area began to get full. Down the street, the carnival rides fired up.


The vendors all said that the oil wasn’t hot enough for funnel cakes yet, though.


Finally we got one. Sweet success!


Mimi is a devoted lemonade girl, though.


Lemonade forever. Sparks and I were supposed to get lemon shake-ups on our third date, so very very long ago (hee), but got distracted. Four years later isn’t awfully late, is it?


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