Cool mornings

The weather has been awful this summer. I suppose we had it coming after such a mild winter and long, gorgeous spring. The last few days, though, the heat has broken. We had three days in a row when the temperature didn’t even hit 80, if you can imagine, never mind 100. Mimi and I have been taking walks.


Temperature in the mid-60s, misty, the trail strewn with damp leaves and acorns


Singing toads, black squirrels scattling in the underbrush, distant birds, and Mimi’s baby voice murmuring the alphabet song


Toadstools, pokeberry, thistles, and the last of the Queen Anne’s Lace


Hansel? Gretel? Red Riding Hood?


There are three layers of blacktop on the trail, each narrower than the last. The lower layers are covered in moss and creeping vines. The forest is taking the trail back.


My favorite kind of morning.




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