The not-much summer

Hello everyone. I haven’t blogged in a while, have I? There just isn’t much to blog, short of Mimi’s miraculous achievements in walking and talking, which seem like good blog fodder but I suppose I’ve been too busy enjoying them to stop and blog about them. She started to walk right at 15 months, and began to say a few words right around 16 months (she’ll be 17 months soon). She says “cheese”, “cake”, “apple”, “ball”, “eye”, “shoe”, “Bobo” (for Bongo, her toy monkey), as well as yeah and no and ma and da. Yesterday she said something that sounded suspiciously like “I’m not a baby.”

And I’ve been occupying my free time with things that don’t blog–mostly reading books and playing computer games. I have some sewing projects going but they’re secret-ish. The heat and drought have blitzed the flower beds. I am ramping up for fall knitting… bought some some sock yarn, marked some patterns on Ravelry.

Lets see what Mimi has been doing this summer.

Feeding us toy food

Feeding herself chocolate pudding

Not being taken to the kiddie pool fast enough

Replete with mama’s birthday cake

Looking at us like we’re crazy when we baby-talk to her

Finally growing tall enough to climb into the arm chair, where she can reach my magazines

Looking at books, looking at books, looking at books.


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