A new housecleaning system

A long time ago, I posted about my housecleaning reminder system. I had thought of all the cleaning tasks that need doing in the house over the course of a year, and put them all in my Google calendar. Ones that didn’t get done on the day they came up on my calendar were put on my Google to-do list.

That was great while Mimi was a tiny baby, who could be put in one spot and stay there. At seven months she learned to army-crawl, though, and that system went out the window.


Here is my new reminder system. I left all of the big, infrequent tasks on my Google calendar, and put smaller frequent ones on index cards. The cards sit on a bathroom shelf, where I see them every day. Some tasks need doing so frequently that they’re in there more than once. Every task is supposed to be discrete and quick–less than five minutes to do. I have a card for cleaning each bathroom’s sink, for example, and for vacuuming the floor of each room.

I promised myself that I would do at least one task every day, preferably more as I got the opportunity. Well, you can imagine how often I get the opportunity, but it’s a start.

In truth, the best housecleaning reminder system I’ve found is the “my mother/mother-in-law is coming to visit” system. How about you?


4 thoughts on “A new housecleaning system

  1. House guests and visitors are truly the best motivators to get a good cleaning done, but when I am feeling froggy I use the Motivated Moms iPad (or iPhone) app. When you keep up with it, it gives you chores to do in bite-sized pieces that add up to more ambitious wholes (like “clean top shelf of refrigerator) and has good task reminders of things easily forgotten. I customized it for things I like to do on certain days…… but I haven’t used it in a while. Perhaps I should be cleaning during Sydney’s nap instead of reading blogs? Nah.

  2. Family or friends coming over to visit still works best for my husband. I just feel more relaxed and organised when everything is clean and tidy.

  3. Wow. I literally just took notes on your post. Two things are going to happen, first my kids are going to start doing chores. Second, instead of feeling overwhelmed I’m going to tackle it one little bit at a time. 🙂

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