Summer centerpiece

It is July 3. This is the day we usually have dinner with our friends Jonathan and Laura, then walk to their local fireworks show–which has really been a dandy the last couple of years. Unfortunately we just got word that it is too dry for the show today, and it has been moved to September. Fooey. For this and various other reasons, I’m feeling as bad as if Christmas had been cancelled. (Heave sigh).

I just cheered myself up a little by putting together the summer centerpiece. I had never had any good ideas for it; flowers and fruit seemed apropos, but the real versions are too ephemeral and the fake versions too… fake. I wanted something pretty and cheerful that I could arrange once and be done with.


Meet the hedgehogs. From left to right they are Nora, Sam, and Wilhelmina. They live in a tangle of (artificial) blackberry brambles. I think they’re too cute for words.


I found them last week when my mother and I wandered into her Hobby Lobby. I still have wet, shady, green things on the brain (now perhaps more than previously in the very pleasant long spring that just ended). And I’ve thought these little pinecone animals were cute for a long time. Look at their little snouts!


The brambles are less fake-looking than they could be. They’ll do.


This pretty girl is Wilhelmina. She enjoys pie-making, fireflies, and crochet.


Sam is the boy. He mostly likes eating blackberries.


And Nora is the old girl. She likes old linens, Frisian cross-stitch, and putting food by.


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