High summer in the back border

It’s only June 11 but it is truly summer in my flower gardens… even the chrysanthemums are blooming, and I can’t pinch buds fast enough to stop them.


Here is one of the fancy coneflower hybrids. In real life it is much pink-orangier.


And another–a hot pink double decker.


And finally a bright orange one. If I had tons of cash, I’d do a big coneflower hybrid bed, with lots of colors all together.


This potentillia went in last year, and I’m happy that its flowers are every bit as gorgeous as I’d hoped. Like geum it makes many small flowers on tall gangly stalks. It would look best tucked in among bushier things, like coneflowers and mums.


The palest of my pink bee balm is blooming. It bloomed much earlier than the rest last summer, too, though it’s about a foot taller than it was last summer also.


And THE HOLLYHOCKS. This venerable tree of a hollyhock is in its fifth summer with me now. It is the sole survivor of my hollyhocks from the other house. The last two summers here the deer have nipped it so badly that it barely bloomed. This summer we moved it to a more sheltered spot and without deer pruning it, it has gone crazy.


Two plants that I started from seed two summers ago are now big enough to bloom also! This lovely peach double..


And this dreamy white one. I have half a dozen more seedlings coming up in the same bed, so here’s to oodles of hollyhocks in the coming years!!!


4 thoughts on “High summer in the back border

  1. Your garden looks fantastic! I love all those colours. Can’t wait to get started on our own garden. 🙂

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