14.5 months

Dear inquisitive bloglanders (not that anyone has asked): no, Mimi isn’t walking yet… she really is but she just has to have a hand laying on something while she does it. This is a psychological case of not-walking, and I don’t intend to do anything about it but wait… and wait… and wait. I don’t want her to feel rushed, because I’m a physical coward myself. She is so mobile that there is no advantage to me in her not starting to walk, and a lot of advantage if she does. We can start going to playgrounds when she does, for instance, and doing more there than just sitting in the baby swings. But I digress…


14.5 months is an interesting age because I am realizing that she understands some of what we say, now. She definitely understands “breakfast” “lunch” “dinner” “snack” “nap” “bedtime” and “walk”. I suspect she understands “new diaper” but doesn’t care.

A month ago we broke her of her pacifier habit. Going-to-sleep is still rockier than it had been, but she’s much better at staying asleep once she’s there. Onward and upward, little trooper.


2 thoughts on “14.5 months

  1. Mimi must be enjoying the walking process! No hurry. Once they walk, they start running. It’s like an instant diet, so eat up. You’ll be chasing her around soon enough. I always loved the stage when you set them down they remained there. It didn’t last long, but it was so blissful.

  2. I work in language acquisition and babies/toddlers understand so much more than they can let you know! 🙂

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