Springtime antsiness

Do you know what I mean by the title of this post? You’ve been stuck inside all winter, your every constructive desire thwarted, nowhere to go, nothing to do, and then BAM! it’s spring and all possibilities are open to you? It makes me antsy.

Gooseberry bush transplants from Sparks’ grandmother–this year with gooseberries!

For me it always comes with a desire to make something. Something beautiful, something useful, something sweet. My housekeeping improves, my cooking improves, I’m able to garden, and over and over again I go into my craft room, shuffle through the piles of things, find a pile of fabric that inspires me, get wide-eyed, then get scared and leave, closing the door behind me.

I think this year I might be ready to try making Gail Wilson’s “12” Three Dimensional Cloth Doll With Traditional Look”. I don’t know if I’ll succeed, but I want to try again, and I especially want to make a lot of clothes for her. For several summers, starting when I was about nine or ten, I would go to a summer daycamp and take a doll making class. I made about six rag dolls in those years, all named after herbs. The first was Lavender. The teacher would bring in lots of calicos and laces and bits and bobs, have us do small special projects for the dolls (like filling miniature garden hobs with miniature millinery flowers), and offer lavender bags to go inside the dolls–which is how Lavender got her name.

I don’t have those dolls anymore and the lavender sugar scrub has brought that memory back. I think I’d like to have a doll in my life again. A very, very special doll. Now… *sigh* am I still smart enough to make one?

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