Peony gardens

Sparks and Mimi and I made a visit to the nearby estate that Sparks and I (and a blueberry-sized Mimi) went to two years ago, a little too late in the season to see the magnificent peony gardens in bloom. This year, we were there at just the right time.


The peony gardens go on and on. This is one side; the other is twice as long. It was so long, I couldn’t get a good photograph of it, so here’s this side!


Sparks says I can drop some money on peonies next summer.


This one was my favorite, though the blossoms were all past their prime. The flowers look like kitschy paintings of peonies.


A patch of dark pink ones at the far part of the long end.


Yummy romantic ruffles




And just one more for you.

You say you want to see pictures of Mimi??? Why certainly!


Little Tootse has begun to let go of the furniture and stand on her own for a few seconds at a time, but she is not walking yet. My 13 month prediction has a few days left till expiration, but things aren’t looking promising.


The estate has a big big meadow. I couldn’t resist photographing my little little girl there.


Neither could her dad.


After all of these adventures we had a picnic and went home. What a lovely morning. Thank you so much for taking us, Sparks ❀


7 thoughts on “Peony gardens

  1. Such majestic flowers. My Dad used to grow them. I’ve just planted a pink one and a white one in my garden, but I am still after one of the old fashioned deep red ones!

    Your little girl is a real cutie πŸ™‚

  2. Somehow I can’t work up the courage to plant peonies of my own. I tell people I’m not “spiritually ready”. I don’t know why!

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