The first prairie walk

Yesterday afternoon it was too nice to stay home, but we were tired of our neighborhood walk and I didn’t feel up to a full-out woods-and-park walk. So I decided it was time to take the first prairie walk of the season. It is too early for it to be in full glory; almost nothing is blooming and none of the berries are ripe. Still, there is something numinous in that prairie. It feels small and safe but big and mysterious. I can’t explain it, just trust me that as you walk along the trail you feel sure that Laura Ingalls or Anne Shirley will appear any minute.


Almost nothing was blooming… except these. Berry brambles. And they were EVERYWHERE. The prairie is going to be covered in berries at the end of June.


A shot of the open part of the trail. There’s also a winding part through brambles and copses of sumac where the mice of Brambly Hedge must live, and a closed-in woodsy part where I’m sure Miss Honey from Matilda lives, and a beside-the-woods part, and a mulberry lane.


These nice ferny plants were growing in Miss Honey’s woods. What are they? The stems are green as if they’ve grown up just this spring, but some of the plants are taller than me.


Is this some kind of vetch? There was a lot of it on the open prairie.


And here is a picture that just doesn’t justify the original scene… a beam of sunlight falling on a lone patch of blooming brambles. So dreamy.


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