Laurel Cottage crazy quilt

I finished a quilt top! I’m so obliterated by mommy-brain that I can’t even remember what day I finished sewing this top, but it was within the last week. And every day since I’ve had the best intentions of finishing it, but Mimi has laughed at my plans.

If there is another kid, that kid had better nap like a rock for 2-3 hours every day. I mean it. I have it coming.



Foundation pieced on muslin 10″ squares, then cut down to 9.5″ while trimming and squaring up. With 1/4″ seams that makes a final product 27″ x 36″. I had thought I would embellish this with embroidery, but now I’m not even sure I will quilt it–just tying seems about my speed. Actually, Mimi is coughing in her sleep now and I’m not even sure she’ll stay asleep till I finish writing this blog entry. So, dear, friends, au revoir.

4 thoughts on “Laurel Cottage crazy quilt

  1. Foundation-pieced crazy quilts are a great place to start with patchwork. So much less fiddly and exact than traditional piecing.

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