The other irises & more

Yowza, my last post on irises was Freshly Pressed! Thanks to everyone who took the time to “like” the post, comment, and follow my blog.

The last of the Schreiner’s irises have bloomed!

Here is a nice electric purple one


And here is a lovely white and purple bicolor. I was inspired to buy all of these because Sparks and I so admire a patch of white and purple bicolors in a neighbor’s yard, so this one is a particular favorite of mine.


The other Siberian iris also bloomed its single bloom. It has a little more white on it that the other one.


In other flower news, that emo columbine turned out to be ruffly, which must be why I bought it. It is growing on me.


And the foxglove… ah the dreamy foxglove. Rain has beaten everything down in the last 48 hours, and I had to stake the tallest foxglove spire, which collapsed under its own weight.


I think I am going to move all of the dutch iris to the front. They are interfering with the pink and orange of that flower bed and stealing the foxglove’s thunder. I planted spring bulbs back there thinking that I didn’t mind breaking my color palette because they would all bloom long before the perennials got started; but no, the iris are too late in the season. To the front they’ll go.



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