Eating French?

A while ago I read Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman, and loved it. More recently, I finished French Kids Eat Everything by Karen Le Billon and I loved it too. I am apparently a closet francophile because I also have French Women Don’t Get Fat by Mireille Guiliano and several other French-living advice books, and I adore them all. It is my own little French paradox.


Since I read French Kids Eat Everything I have been trying to relax my vigilance about making sure that Mimi eats a certain amount of calories, and have been giving her more varied foods and less of her dependable staples. She won’t starve herself, right? Well, perhaps that will be more true once she gets some molars so she can actually chew things. Anyway, what she is eating has been more closely in line with what we are eating.

I am also trying to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into our diets and to make eating more enjoyable (would Sparks give me a blank look of confusion if I told him that?) I bought some baguette and ate it with butter, honey, and fresh fruit. Mimi was even able to gum it up if given enough time. I am pinning nice vegetable recipes on Pinterest. This week I plan to make stuffed tomatoes and ratatouille, among other things.

And I have returned to the morning bowl of yogurt and fruit with a pinch of brown sugar, as pictured above (actually, far too much brown sugar in the picture above). In the few days between Mimi and I returning from the hospital after she was born, and my parents arriving to help, Sparks made me breakfast on a tray every morning. Toast, scrambled eggs, and a bowl of fruit and yogurt with a little sugar on top. He kept the kitchen sparkling clean. He took the tray to me wherever I was, in bed or on a sofa. I was in that postpartum phase where you cry over every little thing, and I remembered that long ago, before Mimi or Sparks or Pudding or the Little Gray House Of Mine, back when I was severely Alone but buying home goods with blind faith that I’d someday use them, I had bought that tray thinking that some day I could use it to serve a sick husband or child. And now, my husband was using it to serve me. (Cue a good sob).

Anyway, yes, these fruit and yogurt bowls are delicious and a great way to work in some fruit and some protein. Now that the baguette is gone, I eat a toasted English muffin alongside it. It keeps me going until lunchtime. Oranges are very good with brown sugar, too.


3 thoughts on “Eating French?

  1. Bananas with brown sugar and a good splash heavy cream makes an excellent dessert if you are feeling like cake but have none in the house and want to be a bit healthier than cake with heavy cream on top. Lol. Can’t wait until summer when fruits and veg are cheap and abundant!

  2. Mm yum. A couple of times recently I’ve copied a local Latin fusion restaurant’s banana dessert–sautee them in butter, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and rum. Indescribable with vanilla ice cream.

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