Bedroom paint

You may remember, but probably don’t, that my bedroom at the Little Gray House Of Mine was painted a warm pale pink from Martha Stewart’s defunct line for Lowe’s. The color was called Paris Pink. It was perfect.

When we renovated Low House I wrung my hands about what color to paint our bedroom here. Both my mother and Sparks’ mother chimed in with the opinion that a man should not have to sleep in a pink room. And so no paint color went up at all. And the room is white. With white furniture. And beige curtains.

I think I have a color now, though. Yesterday Mimi and I were emptying out a drawer (her favorite occupation right now) and found a pile of paint chips from the renovation, including a lot of defunct Martha Stewart colors. One of them is called Glass Bottom Boat. It has equal amounts of blue and green in it I think, and very little gray to take it down. It sort of glows and shimmers. And all of the bedroom pictures I have pinned on Pinterest have a lot of aqua and cream and gold in them; it’s just a magical color combination for me. Can you imagine?


Glass Bottom Boat with the beige curtains


Glass Bottom Boat with all of the pink and green and gold stuff in the room, completing the color spectrum (something I’m a fan of)


Glass Bottom Boat with all of those pink and green and gold quilts, ditto


I even think I like it with the Hibiscus Pink bathroom. It reminds me of paintings of cherry blossoms against the sky.

I think that this color is probably still available in the regular Valspar line; that was the case with another color that we gnashed teeth over when it was discontinued mid-renovation. I will check. I have no idea when we could possibly get our act together to paint our bedroom (I mean, seriously?) But if we ever do…

You like?

One thought on “Bedroom paint

  1. Even if no longer available you can have it reproduced; most paint stores now have a densitometer to match any color the customer brings in, and not just from paint chips but also fabrics, tiles, artwork, etc.

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