Pondering paint

Taking a break from 100 Things…

The main living space in our house is an L-shaped great room that is all white, right now. The walls as well as the fancy ceiling are all painted in Valspar’s “Swiss Coffee”, which is the perfect white–not too stark and not too creamy–and the idea was to, well, to cover up the avocado green stain on the wooden ceiling, but also to create a “Scandinavian Eclectic” look because you know how those Scandinavians love to paint everything white.

But sometimes I ponder adding some color. I have three ideas about that, I’ll show you and you’ll tell me what you think of them.


The first, most expensive, and least convenient (therefore least likely to happen) would be to paint the ceiling a very pale sky blue and leave the beams white. I saw this on HGTV last night and thought it looked sharp. If we ever replace the old canister track lights it might be less annoying to do it then. I kind of like the lights though. I mean, it’s a 70s house. Why fight it.


The second idea is to paint this columny, bump-outy part of the wall. I think I’d like a color equidistant between blue and green, not too dark, and with a touch of gray so it doesn’t jump out and scream. Bluer than celadon but greener than sea glass.


Third idea is for the long narrow bedroom hallway: to paint the ceiling silver. It won’t be mirror-y silver, it would look more like someone had applied silver leaf. Such a small amount on a ceiling wouldn’t be too-too much I think. If you’re having a hard idea understanding why I’d want to do that, well, Sparks and I love the Light Tunnel in the Detroit airport and have speculated on ways to create a similar effect here (just to turn on for special occasions, like the hopping parties we never throw). A reflective silver ceiling would help that along. Hmmm.


5 thoughts on “Pondering paint

  1. All I do is ponder paint now that we’ve bought a house and lived in it for three (!) months.

    I rather like all your paint ideas; I lived in a Victorian house with an amazing back porch once. The ceiling over the porch was painted pale blue, and I loved it. I have wanted to paint a ceiling that color ever since. And do keep the canister lights.

    I do think painting the bump-out would be a good idea. I’ve similar wall in my home now, and I think I am going to paint it a darker shade of whatever we paint the breakfast nook that it neighbors, so as to add a bit of drama. Why not?

    As for the silver ceiling, I cannot say YES enough.

  2. Hello Haley, long time no hear from! I have heard people say that blue ceilings keep insects away because they think it is the sky (full of predatory birds), so they hide. Hmmmm. We’ll see when or if I actually get myself pulled together to paint walls. I’m sure you understand how hard it is to get around to projects like that…

  3. I like all your ideas. My favorite is painting the “bump out.” Concerning making the hallway like the passageway at the Detroit airport, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to get the light effects, too, for parites or special occasions or just because.

  4. We have had ideas about how to get the light effects. Sparks had the diffuser panel from a large television for a while, and we ordered a string of Chinese LED Christmas lights with different “programs” to put behind it, hoping that would be cool. Unfortunately the “programs” all went too fast and the diffuser didn’t diffuse enough. We have it simmering in the backs of our minds.

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