100 Things about housekeeping

I guess it’s an accidental secret that I have a LiveJournal in addition to my WordPress blogs. Don’t worry, you aren’t missing anything. It is locked, only four people can see it, and of those four only two actually read it. Into my LiveJournal, I pour my incessant worrying about Mimi, rolling lists of chores, day-to-day-irritations, and household aspirations.

One of the two people who read my LiveJournal recently began doing an LJ challenge called 100 Things. In this challenge you write 100 blog entries along a theme of your choice, link them with tags, and thereby draw a huge following for your blog and revitalize the LJ community. It sounded nice. But for an audience of two (sometimes four), well, too much work. So I am going to do 100 Things here, on WordPress.

My chosen theme is What I’ve Learned About Housekeeping And Still Don’t Know. It is an homage to one of my two favorite books in the world, Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson (the other is the Merck Manual Of Diagnoses And Treatment). I have chosen my own topics for my 100 posts, but in looking them over, they are oddly reminiscent of Cheryl’s book. Mine will be my own discoveries, tips, opinions, and tribulations. I intend for it to be inspirational rather than instructive. I am only 31 and have been keeping house for less than ten years. It’s been a steep learning curve, and there is plenty I still don’t know. It is my favorite topic, though, and one of the few about which I could write 100 posts.

So watch this space–I hope these posts start rolling out soon.


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