I find that while I do not particularly like to scrapbook (because my creative brain is already over-crowded with sewing and knitting and gardening and cooking and Mimi, not because I object to scrapbooking per se), I do like to have scrapbooked. Photo albums are lovely things to page through on rainy days, and they give a sense of homeyness and family unity to a house. So I have been assembling photo albums for us.


We already have a wedding album and a honeymoon album, and frankly they ought to be combined into one and free up a 12×12 album for me (what a good idea, it just came to me). Right now I am making this small album for Mimi, filled with her baby pictures


And beginning a big family album for all of us. Right now I’m just putting in the professional portraits from when we were married, Mimi’s baby pictures, and some portraits of me all by our friend Laura. Maybe one day I will order prints of some of my own digital pictures to chronicle vacations and all of that. Maybe.


I’ve become a big fan of a company called Diecuts With A View, or DCWV. Their papers are GORGEOUS, embellished with glitter and flocking and who knows what else, and come in coordinated lines with 8×8 stacks, 12×12 stacks, and 4.5×6.5 mat stacks all in both patterns and solids. Mimi’s little album is done in Mariposa and I am using Linen Closet mats for our big album. This week Hobby Lobby has all scrapbooking paper 50% off, you can bet I’ll be checking them out. The best selection of DCWV paper I have found, though, is Jo-Ann’s. I had been boycotting Jo-Ann’s for over a year because the store was so miserable and the customer service so non-existent, but they have moved to a bigger location and for the time being are making an effort to have dedicated employees for the checkout and cutting counter. Maybe I can start shopping there again.


For a while I was cutting out my own photo corners with this special punch. Then, tired of waiting for glue to dry, I did a little online research and discovered adhesive dots. A-HA! That’s the missing link! With one of these little applicators you can zip-zip-zip your albums together instantly. They come in re-positionable and permanent, and are made by half a dozen different companies. I luvs mine. Go get yourself one.


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