Golden afternoon

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will all be healthy again (except maybe me. I just can’t get over this cold). One afternoon this week Mimi seemed to be back at 100% and the weather was g*o*r*g*e*o*u*s so I decided to challenge my sniffly, cough-syrup-hungover self to walk Mimi all the way to the park and back. It is a four mile walk that I enjoyed taking the spring before I got pregnant, and was never brave enough to attempt last spring after labor and a c-section.


I had extra motivation to try because the Virginia bells are in bloom right now, and along the way there is a slope that is paved with them. I wanted to see it. So I had to make the walk.


We packed up the baby SUV with snacks and drinks and a blanket, and into the woods we went. My little guide pointed out every squirrel along the way.


Every year certain flowers give a particularly fine showing, and this year it is the phlox. They are everywhere right now.


We also saw this very large fungus. It was about a foot across and right at the edge of the trail. It made me feel glad, because it was so interesting and right there, but no one had destroyed it. Nice.


And we made it to the park! Mimi tore up grass and I laid down and felt glad.


Baby victory over nasty springtime colds! We WILL enjoy our summer!


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