Spring garden 2012

There’s more than just daffodils and sick babies here (thank og). Plenty of other things are blooming, including–may I give them a shout out–all the blooming trees in the world. The redbuds, the pears, my goodness. So beautiful every single place I drive! Anyway, this post is about my garden…


I have several varieties of grape hyacinth planted around the property. I have plain purple and bigger plain purple, small plain white and a very fuzzy gray-purple that came in a mix. These, though, are my favorite. The variegated ones. Aren’t they nice? I hope to add the baby-blue kind and the pink kind this fall, but I dunno. The pink kind are still $15 for 5 from Brecks, so I would need to find a more reasonably priced source.


The lungwort is blooming. I love these plants. I meant to divide them before they bloomed this spring, but spring came so quickly that BOOM! they were blooming. Maybe they won’t mind being divided later, still before the stinking heat comes.


And here is the other, more striking variety of lungwort. I like this one better of the two. It has such nice dappled foliage after the flowers are over, too.


The miniature iris from our friend Laura are blooming. Hello Laura, see, I haven’t killed your miniature iris!


And pansies. Mimi and I bought these. Mimi had to pick a blossom off of them in the plant nursery and hold it while I wheeled her around the greenhouses looking for temptation. When it was time to put her in her car seat I thought I’d better take it away. Oh my. The drama.

Aside from daffodils, that’s all for now–except for my flowering quince, which is about twelve inches tall now, two springs after I first planted it, and which puffed and struggled and managed to blossom ONE flower this year. Go go little quince.


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