Zoo day

It looks like today is the last of sunshine and heat before things cool off into more appropriate early-springlike temperatures, so I got a bee in my bonnet to take Mimi to the zoo in a nearby town. The drive is under an hour, just the length of an episode of Sesame Street, and the zoo is small so how hard could it be?


Well, not entirely painless and I think that our local petting zoo is way more bang for the buck, now that I’ve been to the other one. But the trip filled up a whole morning and all the trees that can bloom are, so really, quite a nice outing.


The zoo had the small zoo’s usual suspects: a lot of reptiles, a lot of birds, and a lot of small furry mammals that were all asleep in high, shady places where they couldn’t be seen. This is why I’m sold on our petting zoo, which is full of LARGE and DOMESTICATED animals that can’t wait to make friends. Much more fun, both for toddlers and adults.

The monkeys were nice, though.


Mimi is old enough to notice the animals when they’re being interesting, and to point at them and smile when they’re cute. The monkeys and the meerkats were her favorites.


Hello, meerkats!


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