Almost spring

The winter was a mild one, but it was still winter and every day still got dark at 4:30. Spring is coming now and I’m so excited. After giving Mimi her early morning bottle, I crawled back in bed amidst a pale dawn glow.


I took a walk around the flower gardens yesterday while Mimi napped (she is dropping her morning nap and sleeping 2+ hours straight in the afternoons. Bliss!) and found many tiny green points coming up. Hooray! All of those flower bulbs are going to make flowers! Yay!

A friend is going to divide her bush peonies for me. I think I will buy a box of four more roots at Sam’s Club for variety. I want a big bed of them by the side of the house, with hollyhocks behind. Deer don’t seem to eat peonies, but they sure eat hollyhocks. The hocks need some protection.


I hadn’t planned it, but Mimi will have a new spring wardrobe. Baby Gap got to me… and the President’s Day sale sealed the deal. She has a lot of beautiful new and slightly bigger clothes to wear for springtime, and it’s a good thing because it’s already a stretch to snap the onesies that were new at Christmas. My girl is a long and skinny one and we have no idea where those genetics came from…


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