Pancake day

I made crepes with lemon juice and sugar for dessert, since it’s Pancake Day. I will make it a family tradition. I told Sparks that I like making crepes and want to do it more often.

Us in New Orleans on Ash Wednesday several lifetimes ago

I think liking to make crepes has two sources:

1) I’m proud that I can do it, cuz not everyone can, and
2) crepes are supposed to come with whipped cream and nutella

Crepes themselves I can take or leave. They always seem damp and spongy, or alternatively, dry and paperlike. Not an incredibly delicious thing either way. I suppose I could make them into blintzes, which are incredibly delicious. Or, you know, nutella and whipped cream. Or bananas foster. Or bananas foster with nutella and whipped cream.

The keys to making good crepes are:

1) let the batter sit for at least twenty minutes. this is the most important thing.
2) get the pan screaming hot
3) use a quarter-cup measure to make crepes in a large skillet, or your silverware’s sauce spoon in a small one
4) the edges will pull away by themselves when it’s ready to turn. trying to pry a crepe up before it’s ready is futile. if you have the pan screaming hot, though, the crepe will be ready to turn by the time you’re done swirling the pan to distribute the batter.

Mimi threw her crepes on the floor.

She pulls up to stand now, too.


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