Eleven months

What a bittersweet post to write. This is the last monthly update before Mimi turns one whole year old. Oh my!


At eleven months old, you are in a loving, giving phase of your life. Your favorite pastime is to hand things to us; books and small toys, pieces of your food… you even drop peaches on the floor for the cat. Your favorite figurine from Noah’s Ark is Mrs. Noah, and you always hand her to me. What a sharing child!


You are also showing a few signs of becoming cuddly. When I carry you to the rocking chair before naptime, you lay your little head on my shoulder. After you’ve had your bottle and I’m humming to you, you want to sit up–none of this lying back like a baby!–then your little head droops and you collapse against my chest. Poor little mite.


You are eating like a champ. I just found out how much you love steamed, buttered California mix. I guess you’ll like school lunches, kiddo. You are also vocalizing in new ways. Right now there is a lot of “ladl ladl ladl” and “eh! ehhhhh!” going on. Your grandma taught you to go “ahhhh!” after drinking from your sippy cup.


You are getting more and more physical. You are climbing up steps, pulling up to your knees, sitting back on them, and if you have the right prop you’ll even push up onto your toes–with legs splayed in a wide V for stability. You sometimes crawl on all fours, but the army crawl is still your preferred method of locomotion. I predict that you will walk at 13 months. We shall see.


And you are getting more and more beautiful by the day. What a gorgeous, warm, curious, and funny little monkey you are. We love you every bit imaginable and more.


One thought on “Eleven months

  1. Congragulations on that sweet child.I love to read how happy and blessed all is . In korea we have a one year old celebration since many children didn’t survive during wartime. For custom we place a table low on the floor holding various items…bowl of rice, pencils/paper, money , ball of string/yarn. We let the one year old crawl over from a distance of about 5 feet and see what he/she picks up. If it is rice…he/she never goes hungry in life. If it is money..he/she will always have money. If he/she grabs pencil/paper…they will grow to do something creative in life. If he/she grabs string …they will live a long life. I have pictures of all three my kids on their “destiny” day and mostly it has come true. Happy 11 months to the little one and I look forward to reading her one year post.

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