Baby Sweet

Thing 1: No, I am not having another baby. Not right now.

Now that we have that straight,

Thing 2: I have a baby, which means that I can officially croon over sweet baby stuff without anyone saying “creeee-pyyyyy…”. So I’ve started a Pinterest board full of the fantasy baby stuff that my imaginary, restrained, and very rich self would buy for a baby girl. It’s here.


Thing 3: I love Pinterest because I get 95% of the joy of shopping for things with 0% of the cost and 0% of the clutter. Pinterest is a very, very valuable tool.

Thing 4: when I was younger, I liked to write stories. Then somehow I lost my plots. I still have places, I still have characters, but they are without dialogue or situation. But they can go live on Pinterest anyway. My “Baby Sweet” board linked above is a wealthy family with an adorable tiny townhouse in Greenwich Village and adorable baby girl who has all of those clothes. My “The Greenhouse” board is a pair of sisters, unmarried, both semi-famous botanists (how famous can a botanist get?) living in an old house in the English countryside… one spends her days tramping over the fields and woods, the other working with domestic plants in her greenhouse and her walled garden.


Thing 5: my baby girl is too old for the baby-baby stuff. She’s wearing 18 month pajamas and 12 month stuff otherwise.


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