South Beach

Sparks and I are back from our first post-baby vacation: South Beach.


We were away for three and a half days, which left two and a half days for soaking up sun beside the pool (and on the private beach) at the Savoy Hotel at 5 Street and Ocean Drive Boulevard, in the heart of SoBe’s Art Deco District. It was rough, let me tell you.

We recommend the Savoy. It came under new ownership last summer and is being actively spruced up; lots of outdoor planting and painting went on while we were there, and our room had obviously been re-painted and furnished recently. The Savoy has the double blessing of being on the beach instead of across the street from it, and of having not one pool but two–and one of those heated, which made soaking possible and a pleasure.


Even now, in the lull between the holidays and Spring Break, SoBe is crazy. At night, six blocks of old Art Deco hotels light up in different colors and try to attract pleasure-seekers to their restaurants and bars. There were cigar hawkers, Spanish dancers, open flame heaters, and one wicked sound system at The Clevelander.

We had dinner at Prime 112, where we discovered we do not possess certain expensive tastes, on the day of the Floriday primary. There were a lot of Republicans there but no one we recognized (I guess we missed a lot of news anchors by one night). The next day we had lunch at Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant, where Food TV was filming a segment, and which was pretty much the same crowd as Prime 112 but this time in golf clothes. Finally we got away from them on our third night, when we ate at Nobu. I had a lot of very good sushi and Sparks had the black cod, which was almost–like 95%–as good as the meuniere amandine I ate in New Orleans. It was a good ending to the vacation.


Mimi stayed home with her grandparents, because Sparks and I couldn’t imagine how to manage air travel with an infant–not an active one like Mimi–and because we haven’t both slept past 5:30 a.m. since before she was born. I’m happy to report that we both slept till 7:30 on both of the lazy mornings.

When we got back home Mimi choked up a little at first, then gave us lots of big grins and baby kisses. She has aged about a year since Monday. Her face is rounder, her hair is longer and thicker, and my goodness… was she so smart and wonderful before?

All in all, everybody is happy.

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