Treating myself

I don’t think I blogged about it, but I got spoiled at Christmas this year. My parents spoiled me and Sparks’ parents spoiled me and Sparks spoiled me big time with tickets to South Beach and Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses and diamond earrings to wear there.

Staring down the barrel of my first postpartum vacation, I decided it was time to start exercising again. I ran out of steam for walking when the weather got hot over the summer, and never really got back into it when things cooled off. Now that Mimi is crawling and climbing and pulling up (oh yes–she’s pulling up now, though mostly just to her knees rather than her feet), my workout also needs to be fast. So I dug out my 30 Day Shred DVD, which only takes twenty minutes, and have been doing it most mornings. Sometimes Mimi does crunches with me, even.

Since I hadn’t gotten any sun, really, since our trip to Saint Thomas pre-Mimi, I thought I’d better do something about that too. I hadn’t ever gone to a tanning salon in my life, or ever thought I would, but somehow there I was signing up for unlimited tanning in January for $20.12. The first session was terrifying but I’m getting used to it now.


Let me tell you, these two things have had a profound impact on my mood and my energy. I shouldn’t forget that I also started a higher dose of Synthroid at the time I began this, because I’m sure that has something to do with it too, but boy oh boy does the tanning give you a boost in the middle of January. And the exercise, besides helping my cardiovascular fitness (my appearing in a swimsuit, not so much… yet), has sent me back into the deep, sound sleep that I had been missing for over a year. I can go back to sleep after Mimi’s night wakings now. I can sleep through them, sometimes, on nights when Sparks has the monitor. That fuzzy, dizzy, about-to-pass-out feeling I’d had every afternoon is gone. And all I can say that is HALLELUJAH!

Last Saturday Sparks asked me what my plans were for the day. I had scrubbed my tub the day before, so suddenly I thought, a bath! “I want to take a bubble bath after I exercise.” I hadn’t had one since the night before Mimi was born. Over ten months. So Sparks took Mimi to his workshop, and after I was done exercising I drew a deep bath, and I (feeling guilty for neglecting the family) got into it.

O bliss.

O delight.

Best spa treatment I’ve ever had.

Can’t tell you how good it was. It was THAT GOOD.

I’ll be doing that again.

One thought on “Treating myself

  1. Oh God do I miss tanning. I love being tan. I look so much healthier and better when I am tan. I feel amazingggg when i am tan. I don’t like to be hot, generally, because I am a sweating maniac, but the heat of a nice long 20 minute bake leaves me feeling awesome. Sadly, almost every woman in my Irish and Italian family has gotten skin cancer, so I am not allowed to go anymore. I hope you’re ok with me living vicariously through you.

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