Garden thoughts

Oh my. It’s January. We’re supposed to be thinking about the upcoming gardens, aren’t we?

We’re mostly thinking of this. Especially since she’s learned to crawl up and down steps. Eeeek!

Sparks and I have a new vegetable garden strategy. We’re going to grow smaller amounts of more things, and not burden ourselves with intentions to preserve any of it (except, maybe, some more of Alton Brown’s fabulous salsa recipe, because it’s the best base to make chili). When it’s ripe and we want it, we’ll pick it and eat it… otherwise it’ll just go back to the garden. That sounds very zen, right?

Amidst the enormous effort both of us put in to get our order of garden seeds placed this month, I realized that I haven’t thought about my flower gardens at all. Happily, I think that is a good thing this year. Last summer, before Mimi was mobile or much interested in doing anything except waving her arms while looking at the trees, I did a lot of garden re-arranging and dividing. And then, oh then! let us not forget the autumn’s last great hurrah, those hundreds of bulbs and dozen-or-more chrysanthemums I planted at the last minute. Those will, I hope, provide big yields in the spring and fall to come. I’ve been nostalgically paging through photographs of Mimi’s first few months, and I’m happy to see that there will be flowers in April. That sounds lovely… and not too far in the future. I’m so looking forward to my daffodils and crocus and grape hyacinth and Dutch iris. And oh! Oh oh oh! I have those seven new iris rhizomes too, which just might bloom this summer. What excitement!

I need to divide my pulmonaria. That’s the only undone job I can remember. Isn’t that nice?


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