A beautiful life

I am a Pinterest junkie and every now and then some variation of a particular quotation comes up. It’s by a woman, and it’s about her decision to make everything around her beautiful–and that will be her life.


This has been echoing in my head lately, because I have so precious little time to make things beautiful. I used to cook lovely meals, to make lovely things, and keep my home relatively clutter-free and lovely. With a crawler in the house, all of these things become a stretch. So do beautiful experiences like bubble baths, having friends over for dinner, and long knitting sessions with a hot cup of tea.

My daughter is beautiful, though. She’s a pretty baby, fun and fun-loving, always seeking out a loving connection with us, and always surprising us with the things she can do. Raising her is one big beautiful work that is crowding out all of those little ones. And she’ll grow up fast; she already is growing up fast.

My husband is beautiful too. He’s a handsome man, and kind, and affectionate, and giving. It’s true that having a baby turns your marriage from two people looking at each other, to two people looking at the baby. But again, she will grow up. Sparks and I will be able to concentrate on each other again soon. And until then, we are doing out best to be available to each other for every opportunity to go out to dinner, every good-morning kiss and hug, every snuggle on a cold winter night.

When I was single, before Amelia and Sparks and Pudding, I had a lot of time to make things beautiful and no one to see that they were beautiful. That’s why I started this blog in 2007. I wanted someone to see.

And now I have people who do see. And people who live, for real, the beauty I have the time to make. And I get to enjoy their beauty in return. It’s all about give and take, you see.

One thought on “A beautiful life

  1. Oh, there will be time…and when it comes, you will teach her to love fabric and how to sew, how to cook, clean, shop, play, be nice and fill her world and others’ with beautiful things she’s made.

    It’s a journey. Our oldest is turning 20 and his life is in front of him while our “rearing” him is coming to a close. Enjoy and you have a great attitude of what is really important!

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