Ten months

Little Tootse is ten months old now.


I’m a little embarrassed, looking over my past several blog entries. I hadn’t realized I was complaining about the same things over and over again: teeth! chicken pox! head cold! teeth! So I won’t talk about those any more. Instead, this month:

Little Tootse grew two teeth and we are so proud. She’s definitely not a baby any more; she’s definitely a little girl now.
Little Tootse’s hair grew over her ears. It is getting pretty thick and long; just towel-drying doesn’t get it completely dry after we wash it, anymore.
Little Tootse became a seriously fast crawler. She needs more and more freedom, so I often let her play on the floor wherever I’m doing things (and the decision to let her free-range has made it possible to do things again). More than once I’ve gotten absorbed in my task for a minute, only to discover she’s gone.
Little Tootse has become fascinated with swinging doors back and forth. When she disappears, I almost always find her swinging our bedroom door. If not that, our bathroom door.
Little Tootse had her first Christmas! She was too dainty to tear wrapping paper, but she loves her new toys. I am especially impressed by the way she can put the little topsy-turvy-beany things into the top of their funhouse. Do you know what toy I’m talking about? That one, yeah. From Uncle Davy, thank you Davy!
Little Tootse began to crawl over obstacles. This turned her Exersaucer into a toy she crawls into and uses as a fort, rather than a toy she stands up in. She has her favorite toys squirreled away in the bottom of it. It’s adorable.
Little Tootse developed a strong interest in books. She has figured out how to turn pages, especially of board books, and those are her absolute favorite toys.

Okay, enough about my little tootsie–my favorite tootsie–my best and only tootsie. We love you so much, little monkey.


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